Economic Development

We believe that businesses can be profitable financially and socially, benefitting the greater good of society.  We coach local entrepreneurs to start and expand businesses driven by values that will lead to positive societal change. We also provide professional development training on a variety of topics aimed at developing the workforce and improving the overall business culture in the region. 



Healthcare Development

We focus on developing a life-giving healthcare culture for patients and providers alike. We do so by leveraging our network of international healthcare experts to provide clinical and management training and consulting around key priorities, such as maternal and child health. We also improve public health literacy through innovative online resources and educational seminars. Finally, we come alongside other vulnerable groups, such as families in pediatric oncology.



Community Development

We believe that strong communities are ones that proactively participate in the positive change they want to see, rather than waiting passively for solutions from the outside. We foster healthy communities through our playground projects that are built by community volunteers. Also, we promote safer communities through our pediatric first aid and firefighter first responder training programs. 


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