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From Dream to a Successful Business

7 key questions you need to answer to avoid failure

Why should you attend?

Starting your own business can be both thrilling and intimidating. Along the way, you'll face many challenges and tough choices.

Join us for an event where you'll learn how to assess your business idea, create value and set the groundwork for a successful startup.

You'll have the chance to learn how business coaching can help you accomplish your goals as well as have the opportunity to connect with a business coach for further one-on-one guidance.

What to expect?


Session 1: The Entrepreneurial Challenge


Session 2: 7 Key Questions to Avoid Failure


Session 3: Your Next Steps to Success

If you do not prepare well, you are likely to face the common pitfalls of starting a business. Together we will process a real case for a new and small local business from Macedonia that has overcome those pitfalls and challenges.

Find out what are the 7 critical questions you must answer for the success of your business. Through real-world examples, learn how to refine your value proposition and test your business model to ensure you meet market needs.

Learn how the GrowBiz Startup Coaching Program can personalize the 7 Questions for your business. Hear success stories, understand our training process and learn how to apply for the program to turn your business dream into reality.


What value will you get?

Real business cases

Interactive discussions

Networking opportunities




Igor Mateski

Founder of digital agency since 2008. From startups to national businesses and government agencies in the US and Canada, the agency helps companies achieve 10x growth through digital strategies. The desire to share experience and knowledge is realized through LinkAcross activities.


Clay Buttemere

CEO and co-founder of LinkAcross, an American NGO that enables Growbiz Startup and whose mission is to connect partners for development and prosperity in the Balkans. He holds a master's degree in engineering and is completing his graduate studies in business at Boston University.


Filip Dimitrievik

Manager of the GrowBiz Startup program in Macedonia and owner of an accounting company. He is a Graduate Business Logistics Manager as well as a Chartered Accountant with 5+ years of experience in accounting and legal affairs. By nature, he is a curious person with a great desire to learn new skills and meet new people.


Join us

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your business idea into a successful startup. Register now for free to secure your spot and take the first step towards your entrepreneurial success.


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